Motherhood in Bloom

a course for moms like you and me

Ahh, motherhood — simultaneously an incredible gift and an exhausting responsibility. I had absolutely no idea all that motherhood would encompass until I gave birth to my first child, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since — SAID NO MOM EVER!

We have an all-consuming love for our children, and we daily strive to make the right decisions. We desire to parent with intention, integrity, and emotional stability, to lead by example, and to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children. But boy is it tough. Our children challenge us; they test limits, break rules, act up, and push our buttons. We get frustrated, we lose our tempers, and we make bad parenting decisions. Then we feel guilty and that is terrifying. We wonder if other moms feel the same way. Do they worry if they have failed their children? Do they second guess their decisions? Can we be honest with them about our struggles without fear of being judged?

This is why I developed Motherhood in Bloom, an online course and individual coaching program designed for moms like you and like me. Whether you are a new mom or seasoned, have 1 kid or 5, work or stay at home, married or divorced or single parent by choice, it doesn’t matter.

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Are you ready?

Let’s dig in.

Module 1

Remember Who You Are

Defining your identity as a woman and exploring who you are, who you desire to be, and untangling the disconnect

Module 2

Parenting 101

Breaking down mommy guilt and its impact on healthy parenting and learning child development theories and parenting styles

Module 3

Master your Mommy Mindset

Implementing tips and tools to cultivate a healthy mommy mindset

Module 4

Maintaining your Mental Health

If not careful, the stress and overwhelm of mommying can lead to mommy burnout, depression, and anxiety. Know when and how to get help.

Module 5

Self Care, For Real, For Real

Incorporate healthy habits that refresh and restore beyond spa days and a girls’ night out.

Module 6

Super Mom Wrap Up Session

We tie it all up, and get you set to head back out into the world.

Black Friday Bonus Offer!

30 Minute One-to-One Supermom Strategy Session

Want to pick this physician mommy’s brain? It’s you, me, and all your questions. You have 30 minutes to ask me whatever your heart desires – the tough questions and the embarrassing ones.

Register Now — $197

This course is for you.

It’s time that we get honest, share our feelings, and really support one another in this parenting journey. It’s time that we think differently about motherhood. Parenting skills don’t come naturally; they don’t get downloaded to our brains when we become mothers. Parenting requires on the job training largely through trial and error though it often feels like trying to drink a sip of water from a firehose.

It’s time that we think differently about motherhood.

Finally, we have a resource that not only examines parenting styles and reviews child development but also covers difficulties facing moms like mommy burnout and depression as well as reaffirms your identity separate from your role as mom and emphasizes real self-care all from a woman who has been there and done that. As a practicing board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and mother of three, I have real-world experience parenting in the trenches coupled with expertise in child development and mental health. Who better equipped to bring this program to you? I am ready to free you from mommy guilt, foster resilience, and help you strengthen your relationship with your children. Happy, healthy moms raise happy, healthy children.

Register Now — $197

Let’s Recap!

The Motherhood in Bloom Online Course is $197 for 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Supermom Strategy Session
  • Module 2: Parenting 101
  • Module 3: Master your Mommy Mindset
  • Module 4: Maintaining your Mental Health
  • Module 5: Self Care, For Real, For Real
  • Module 6: Supermom Wrap Up Session
  • Black Friday Bonus: 30 Minute One-to-One Supermom Strategy Session

While modules are self-paced you must complete each module in its entirety before moving to the next module. There will be a private accountability group on Facebook to keep you engaged. There will also be homework assignments given at the conclusion of each module.

Register Now — $197


  1. Show up.
  2. Do the work — view modules, complete homework assignments, engage in the private Facebook group.
  3. Be open to feedback.
  4. Honor your commitment.
  5. Expect to learn, grow, and stretch which may be uncomfortable at times but TRUST THE PROCESS.
  6. Ask questions.
  7. Celebrate wins, big and small.
  8. Minimize distractions — you are worth the time and investment.
  9. Course and coaching content is not to be shared or you will be terminated from the program (NDA required).

If you do the coursework and honestly feel you didn’t get any value from the experience, please write to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.