My First Love

I never fully appreciated the vast expanse of your love nor the magnitude of your sacrifice until I begin raising my own children. Now I know, and it only makes me love you all the more.

For Ruby:

Love began with you

When God knit me together in your womb.

Yours is the first voice I heard

Because you first whispered love songs to me.

Yours is the first face I saw when I entered the world

And I fell in love with your radiant countenance.

Yours are the first eyes that saw me naked and vulnerable

And yet you assured me that you would always amplify my strength and celebrate my beauty.

Yours are the first arms that wrapped me tightly

Holding me close, keeping me safe,

Reminding me that I will always find love in your warm embrace.

Yours are the first ears that heard my cries and wiped away my tears

Because you were my first place of comfort.

Yours is the first heart that kept my secrets and sheltered my fears

Then magically weaved my doubts into a tapestry of confidence and grit.

Yours are the first lips to kiss my boo-boos when I fell

Then so tenderly pick me up, willing me to try again.

You, Ruby, my beautiful, gracious, ever-patient, mother

Still are and will always be my first love.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

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