A Special Kind of Love

I heard it for years – boys love their mamas. Yet, this was of no consequence to me until my Evan was born, my second baby and my only son.

Raising a son

I have no brothers and thus no personal experience upon which to lean. I remember feeling a bit perplexed after discovering that we would be having a boy. I know all things “girl” from dresses and tutus to princesses and unicorns to hair and makeup to sassy girl attitude, but this boy thing was altogether different. All I had was the parenting pearls of other boy moms and helpful tips from my hubby.

Lots to learn

Here’s some of what I have learned. His energy knows no bounds. He quite literally absorbs all the energy from my soul some days. There is no walking, only running. Any and everything is ball meant to be tossed in the air. He does not understand the term “inside voice.” His little boy feet smell like a grown man’s. This is don’t understand.His listening ears are faulty despite my best efforts to repair them. He deems several family rules as optional. He daily tests limits and my patience.

So much love

And he has totally captured my heart. Just a few days ago, this sweet son of mine looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Mommy, I loved you since I first saw you.” I mean who says that?!!! I instantly melted.

He’s my bug killer when daddy is away. He never hesitates to tell me that I’m beautiful or that he likes my hair even when we both know I’m looking a bit wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. He’s so sweet to his baby sister (sometimes), and he is such a good friend to others. A few years ago, we found out that he was sharing his lunch with a kid at school that didn’t always have enough to eat. He is the most affectionate little love bug, planting kisses on my cheek multiple times a day, eager to give a hug, or merely wants to sit close to his mommy. Using his hands, he creates a heart for me when he hits a homerun or makes a daring play.

He seeks my praise and affirmation, needing a reminder that his life matters, that he is fearfully and wonderfully made in a world that doesn’t always celebrate him.

Our forever love

I don’t know how long our special bond will last because one day he will meet “the one,” the one who will set his heart a flutter and cause him to stumble over his words. But I suspect that I will forever reside in that place tucked inside his heart; he is permanently etched in mine.

I love you my beautiful, brave boy. Always and forever

2 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Love

  1. Well that made me tear up. My Sam is also my second born and only boy and I also come from a family of girls so I relate to this post in many ways. It’s amazing how these boys can capture our hearts in such a special way.

    And your Evan is a special kid. I worked at DV last year in PE So I got to watch him daily and he stands out…as an athlete and as a kid with good character. You’re doing good, momma.

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