Who Would Win?

The Cox family of 5 lives in Hoover, Alabama, a suburb just south of Birmingham. My 2nd and 6th graders attend Hoover City schools. In our school system, we can purchase books for our children through the Scholastic Book Club. Who Would Win by Jerry Pallotta is a popular series sold through the Scholastic Book Club. The premise of this creative series is to pit two ferocious beasts against one another and then determine which one would win in a fight based on the unique characteristics of these two animals.

Doesn’t that sound like parenthood? It often feels like a battle between two beasts at my house.

Ding goes the bell signaling round one of the match. In the right corner is Evasive Evan whose unique talent is to avoid the truth and responsibility at all costs lest he find himself in trouble and on punishment. And in the left corner is Mad Mommy who hurls fiery darts at her unsuspecting opponent. Do I lose the battle so I can win the war? This seems to always be the question at hand.

Some days I drench myself with water to squelch the flames and let Evasive Evan win. But on those other days, the skirmish is a bit more lit. Instead I douse myself with gasoline and set everything ablaze and come out triumphant. Here’s the rub. Whether he wins or I win, there is no peace in my home. My heart’s wish is for our home to be a place of refuge where our children feel completely safe and surrounded by love. I don’t always want to mutate into a three-headed monster to achieve the desired outcome; but, alas, my children often insist on trying me rather than practicing obedience.

Who would win in your household, mommas?

2 thoughts on “Who Would Win?

  1. Lucas loves these books – great reference. I feel like I am constantly repeating myself or yelling daily to my teenager and my 7 year old. Some days I just cry because they wear me down. Parenting is hard!

    1. You are so right, Tammy. Some days are so tough that I want to run away and never come back. Parenting is indeed hard. On those days, I tell my 3 that mommy has to take a “time out” so I don’t blow up. One strategy is to avoid yelling and repeating for a few days and just let the consequences for their poor choices do the talking.

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