The ABCs of Self-Esteem

I have 3 wonderfully exuberant children — a 6-year-old son and 2 and 9-year-old daughters. Much like their fabulous mother, they each possess a strong sense of identity and self-worth. Most of the time, they tackle life and the challenges that life brings with enthusiasm, courage, boldness,  and an unwavering belief in their unique ability to accomplish whatever task is at hand. But sometimes they falter.

They become doubtful of their intelligence, talent, and mental and physical fortitude.  In these moments, their momentum is stalled; interrupted; or, worse, irrevocably destroyed. I struggle to comfort them in these moments. I seek the right words to restore their hope, especially when I feel defeated as well.

To combat self-doubt, I came up with positive adjectives for each letter of the alphabet.  I verbalize these affirmations when those tough moments occur.  I use them for me, too.

A = Adored, Awesome, Amazing

B = Bold, Brave, Bright

C = Courageous, Confident, Cclever, Capable

D = Determined, Dynamic, Delightful

E = Energetic, Encouraging, Exuberant

F = Fearless, Friendly

G = Gifted, Generous

H = Hopeful, Honorable, Hilarious

I = Imaginative, Inspiring

J = Jubilant, Joyful

K = Kind, Knowledgeable

L = Loved

M = Magnificent, Marvelous

N = Nimble, Nifty

O = Original, OptimisticOoutstanding

P = Precious, Powerful, Passionate

Q = Quirky, Qualified

R = Radiant, Respectful

S = Spectacular, Silly, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

T = Talented, Tenacious

U = Unique, Understood

V = Victorious, Valued

W = Wonderful, Worthy, Wanted

X = Xenial, Xtra special

Y = Youthful

Z = Zany

How can you encourage your child today?

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