5 Tips for Managing the Morning Rush

Here are 5 tips to more successfully manage the morning rush!

1) Get a good night’s sleep

Sleepy children make slow and grumpy children. It is critical to establish a bedtime routine that incorporates time for your children to wind down for the evening. Then specify and set bedtime and stay consistent.

2) Prepare the night before

Once everyone gets home from school and all the extracurricular activities, check in with your kids. Make sure all paperwork is signed, tomorrow’s lunch is planned, and snacks have been selected.

3) Exercise the power of choice

Getting everyone dressed for school can quickly eat away time. To expedite this, check the weather the night before then pick out 2 weather appropriate outfit. Ask your child to choose between the 2. This bolsters their decision-making skills and fosters a sense of independence  while reducing the risk of morning drama.

4) Lose the battle, Win the war

Go ahead and let them wear mismatched socks or even mismatched shoes – they just need to have on a pair of socks and shoes. Focus on the big picture because, in the grand scheme of things, having clothes and shoes on is much more important than whether their clothes match. My oldest daughter likes to remind me that “everything doesn’t have to match,” and my son insists that he “looks cool” wearing his socks pulled all the way up to his knees when he wears shorts. I admit they have an interesting sense of style and fashion, but all that truly matters is getting to school and work ON TIME without any school dress code violations.

5) Simplify the routine

Place a dry erase board in or near your child’s bedroom that lists the “must do” tasks before he or she heads out the door. Do you have clothes on and shoes – check. I’m just saying – my son has tried to slip out the house without underwear before! Did you wash your face – check? Do you need  a jacket, coat, or umbrella – check? Do you have your backpack and lunch – check? Did you brush your teeth – check? When all the boxes are checked, they are ready to head out the door!

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