Mommying Unashamed in these streets

An ode to all the real mommas up in here, up in here!

Sometimes I’m patient, but sometimes I yell
I’m trying my best, but these kids can’t tell

I’m mommying unashamed

I didn’t plan my escape in the middle of the night
This would have left them in a state of fright

I’m mommying unashamed

Don’t ask me what’s for dinner
I ain’t figured it out
Yes, I know it’s 7 pm on a school night
Cereal it is or we’re all doing without

I’m mommying unashamed

I forgot to sign the permission slip
I forgot to fund your lunch account
These kids keep pestering me
I’m so behind I’ve lost count

I’m mommying unashamed

I sneak sweets in the bathroom
Just to eat in peace
Yet somehow you find me
Please send me relief!

I’m mommying unashamed

It’s true I adore you with everything I am
But if you ask me the same question one more time
I’m going to go HAM!!!

I’m mommying unashamed

Where are all my real mommas at? Parenting ain’t for punks. Let’s do it big and unashamed! Who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “Mommying Unashamed in these streets

  1. Love this! My little guy hasn’t reached the age of most of the things you referenced, but it’ll be happening before i know it!lol

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