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When the World is Hurting: Talking to your Children about War & Violence

Our Children Have Questions A few days ago, my son peppered me with questions – “Mom, what’s happening? Are we going to have World War III? Is Russia going to bomb us? Are we safe?” He was obviously concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rightfully so. Kids at school have been talking, whispering their fears to their friends. Violent images of the war flood the media. Radio stations cover the tragic events. We cannot shield our children from life’s perils despite our best efforts. So, how do we discuss such sensitive topics with our children? TEN tips for talking […]

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Enduring Grief: The Price We Pay for Love

Grief: A Human Experience To grieve is to endure pain and loss. To grieve is to suffer. To grieve is to have loved. Ultimately, to grieve is to be human. Helen Keller once said, “We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering.” We will all experience grief – the children we never birthed, the death of a dream, the life that never materialized, the relationship that ended, the job we lost, or a trauma endured.  Grief is much more than the death of a […]

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