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When It’s Not Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Come November and we begin to hear Andy Williams song, “It’s most the wonderful time of the year.” Except it isn’t. For so many, the holiday season engenders feelings of loneliness and stress. Less love, holiday parties, and family gatherings and more debt, family drama, and grief and loss. And more focus on who and what is missing and all that is wrong rather than the joy of the holiday season and all that is right. Ever felt this way? If so, it could be the holiday blues. Got a Case of the Holiday Blues? The holiday blues is a […]

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Worried & Praying? Struggles of the Anxious Christian

While I don’t remember the first time someone said this to me, I have certainly heard this saying many, many times and have spoken these words internally: “If you’re going to pray, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry, don’t pray.” So, what does this mean for the anxious Christian? Am I lacking faith if I worry? Does my worry dishonor God and His infinite wisdom and power? Am I making my problems bigger than my God? These are the questions that have plagued me, especially as I have grown closer to God and matured spiritually. I worry, too I […]

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Faith Over Fear

Deafening. Paralyzing. Incapacitating. The roar of fear is merciless. My heart pounds, my stomach churns, and my mind races. My thoughts a barrage of endless questions that interrupt my momentum: Can I even do this?  Am I smart enough?  Do they want to hear what I have to say?  Even though I struggle with doubt almost daily, I refuse to relinquish my dream to fear. I won’t let anxiety grip my heart or invalidate my core beliefs about who I am as a wife, mother, physician, and Christian. To paraphrase a beautiful statement made by Nelson Mandela, I wish for my […]

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