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I’m Done with Work-Life Balance

The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance This whole concept of work-life balance really caught on some years ago. Executives, educators, health care professionals, moms – we all chanted the same refrain, “We want work-life balance.” Work-life balance is this glorious yet elusive idea that we can achieve equilibrium within our daily lives, honoring our professional commitments while fulfilling our personal obligations, all while preserving our sanity. Perhaps it’s a flexible work schedule, bring-your-child-to-work day, or taking work home, but the truth is none of it works. Here are a few of the challenges. 1.What work-life balance looks like depends on who’s […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Mommy Burnout

What is Burnout? Burnout is defined as physical and emotional exhaustion caused by chronic stress. There are 3 components of burnout: Exhaustion – physical, emotional, and mental fatigue such that you believe you have nothing more to give Depersonalization – feeling detached and disconnected from others Lack of a sense of accomplishment – absence of personal achievement, feeling ineffective and unproductive Signs of Burnout Signs of burnout are both physical and psychological. These signs include: chronic fatigue; poor sleep; forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating; mood changes (irritability, sadness, or anxiety); physical symptoms (headaches, body aches); negative attitude towards colleagues or job; […]

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STOP Mommy Shaming

Nobody’s Safe On the playgrounds, at the local Target, in your schools – nowhere feels safe. Mommy-shamers and internet trolls are watching, lurking, and judging. These shamers come for both regular and celebrity moms. The Kardashian sisters are particularly popular. Moms blasted Kourtney Kardashian because her son, Reign, wears his hair long. They bad-mouthed Khloe Kardashian when her infant daughter, True, was photographed playing in an ultra-expensive Birkin bag. Kim Kardashian let her oldest daughter, North, wear lipstick for holiday family photos, and the trolls unleased their fury. Then there was Carrie Underwood who was roasted for wearing a full […]

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