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What COVID-19 is Still Teaching Me

Honestly, there are many moments when I am utterly amazed that COVID-19 is still here. Still! We are still wearing masks, we are still sheltering-in-place, we are still opting not to visit most of our family, and we are still choosing to postpone most of our travel plans. While there are still a lot of things that we are not yet comfortable doing thanks to this global pandemic, the COVID-19 experience continues to teach me some important life lessons. COVID-19 Lessons The peace that is unbusyness – Busyness is my thing. I’m always busy – hustlin’ and juggling work marriage, […]

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Is It Just Me?

The new normal There has been no school since March 16, and homeschooling formally began April 6 for our family. The hubby and I have been working from home almost every day since March 16. Yet, it feels like day #431,986 of Quarantine 2020. Undoubtedly, there are many wonderful things for which I am grateful like – my health and well-being; that my husband and my children are home with me; that I can work from home and continue to provide financially for my family; that no one in my house or immediate or extended family has been diagnosed with […]

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Surviving the Holiday Blues

I’ll have a blue Christmas “Happy holidays!” I sing to those coming to see me for their doctor’s appointment. Sometimes my cheery refrain is met with an equally joyous “Happy holidays, doc” but other times I get “I hate the holidays. My parents are dead. My kids don’t visit me. I have no one and nothing to look forward to” or “I don’t have any money to buy Christmas gifts for my family.” For many, the holiday season is a time of stress, loneliness, and dread; it’s NOT the most wonderful time of the year of which Andy Williams sings. Instead, […]

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